Book Of Vedic Chants

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This book is a compilation of the most important Veda-mantras, which are popular chants. It contains Prarthana, Gayatri Mantrah, shanti panchakam, dasha shanti mantrah, sivopasana-mantrah, ganapathy atharvashirsha upanishad, medha suktam, durga suktam, shri suktam, purusha suktam, narayana suktam, vishnu suktam, navagraha suktam, taittiriya upanishad, sri rudraprasnah laghunyasah, shri rudraprasnah, chamakaprasnah, mantra pushpam, kshma prarthana.The unique feature of this book is the English transliteration provided for those students not familiar with the Sanskrit script, but eager to learn and master the art of Vedic Chanting.

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