At Every Breadth a Teaching

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This is a collection of stories about the life and teaching of Swami Chinmayananda. During his 42 years of teaching, Swamiji came to be known as one of the most respected teachers of the ancient spiritual science called Vedanta. Swamiji expounded that teaching from lecture platforms around the globe, unfolding, verse by verse, the meaning of the major Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and other texts of Vedanta. However, his teaching did not stop when he stepped off the lecture platform. In fact, his entire life was a teaching. The words he spoke during simple daily transactions or in response to a question served as powerful lessons toward a deeper understanding of self and the world. Even a simple action could become a potent teaching. A look, a word, a small but telling action was all that was needed to divinize the given moment or help the student resolve an inner conflict. This book unfolds the vision of Vedanta through actual accounts of his students' personal encounters with Swamiji. These short vignettes address questions such as: How can I meet the many demands of life without undue stress? What can I do to hasten my progress on the spiritual journey? How do I rid myself of a negative habit? How can I succeed in business while staying true to my values? How can I transcend the limitations of my body, mind, and intellect and rest in pure Consciousness?