Isavasya Upanisad - Commentary by Swami Chinmayananda

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See God in all. To Him belong all know, renounce and rejoice Seek not to possess, nothing is yours. This short spiritual treatise of just eighteen mantras has inspired great minds for ages. Chapters in Sukla Yajurveda, the teachings here point out the Self-the divine essence-in every one of us. A crisp summary of the Vedanta, this Upanisad shows us the way to rise above all our attachments to the finite objects of this world. The glittering sense objects, the sweetest emotions and even the lofty ideals of human life are but a golden disk, covering the face of the Truth. We must avoid all traps of wonderful work (karma, avidya) or charming thought patterns (upasana, vidya) and seek the pure knowledge. The holy text permits the use of a healthy blend of lower spiritual practices as a stepping stone to the hightest realization. The scripture concludes with some sublime prayers of an advanced seeker.